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factoryThe year 2007 marked humble beginning of a big dream, of setting up an organization which has immensely contributed to growing demands in the area of automation systems and special purpose machines requiring special technical skills.

Vimal Group has experienced enviable business growth year on year, thanks mainly to long list of reputed clients acquired by goodwill generated by our long lasting quality systems.

We have successfully developed and delivered systems that have become an integral part of clients manufacturing operations.

Our systems help reduce operator fatigue, enhance productivity, ensure quality of products and meet assembly goals. We are proud owners of this responsibility.

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Building on the premise of constant innovation and technology, within 7 years we created a milestone in aiding manufacturing of Machines for car interior and exterior components. We have mastered the technical skills in plastic welding with the help of technical processes like Heat staking, Ultrasonic welding, Heat insertion, and Hot plate welding, Leak testing. We gauge our success by how our customer goals are met with regards to product requirement, least downtime, enhanced productivity and seamless integration of our systems in complex manufacturing and assembly processes.

VIS has provided over 600 PLUS automated solutions till date and the count goes on increasing.

We maintain the highest quality of products with a team of highly experienced and committed team that makes sure that all defined quality systems are adhered to, during process of manufacturing.

Our Success lies in fulfilling customers changing and demanding expectations and accepting new challenges with continues improvement in our products & services.

We gauge our success by how long we retain our customers. Our business strategy is not to sell a one-off package, but to create and maintain a long-term, customer relationship.